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Estate Planning

Through the estate planning process, we set forth your wishes with respect to whom you want to inherit your assets, how you want your assets to pass to beneficiaries in terms of timing and conditions, and who you want to manage your property and your care in the event that you become incapacitated.


Each estate plan is unique to the individual who creates it, and reflects the client's values, goals, and life circumstances.

Trust Administration

When you create a trust to hold your assets, you name a trustee who agrees to hold, manage, and distribute the property in the trust according to your direction as set forth in the trust documents.  Trustees often need assistance with interpreting the trust document and following the instructions written into the trust document.  The process of following the trust's instructions is called trust administration.  Trustees often hire me to help them carry out the terms of the trust.  This happens most frequently after the trustor (creator of the trust) has died, but I also assist trustees who are managing trust assets over time, or during the trustor's lifetime.


Probate is the official, court-supervised process through which the

state transfers title from someone who died owning property in their name to whomever is entitled to receive it.  In California, the probate process can unfortunately often be lengthy, involved, and relatively expensive.  When I work with estate planning clients, one of our goals is to ensure that the client's assets will not be subject to probate at the client's death.  However, when someone dies who has not done their planning, probate is sometimes the result.  Heirs hire me to assist them with the probate process, which can be daunting to the uninitiated.  My goal for my probate clients is to make the process as efficient and painless as possible.

Anything Else?

No.  My practice is limited to the areas of estate planning, probate and trust administration.  I am committed to providing exemplary service to my estate planning and administration clients, and feel that I could not do so if I split my time among other practice areas.  My commitment to my estate planning practice is evidenced by the fact that I am a Certified Specialist in the areas of estate planning, probate and trust law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

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